Scheduling - (321) 726-3838
Oaks Plaza - (321) 726-3800
Suntree - (321) 775 7100
25 years ACR Accredited FacilityACR Accredited FacilityLung Cancer Screening Center
University Center Imaging Melbourne Location
University Center Imaging Suntree Location



  • Depending on procedure, same day or within 24 hoursAppointments
  • Phone or fax patient orders
  • Provider to Health Plans
  • Direct scheduling is available.


  • Standard: 4 to 6 hours on reports/PACS image viewing immediate/CD upon request
  • STAT: 1 hour consultation with radiologist available
  • Immediate follow up with radiologists on all significant findings
  • Reports automatically faxed, emailed or sent via PACS

Call (321) 726-3838 to schedule an appointment. To expedite diagnosis and effective treatment, timely appointments can be scheduled and the results processed quickly. Save time! To help expedite check in at your appointment, we now offer online Patient Registration.